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Your crock cooker is a very versatile tool. You can do so many things in it, including making dressing, warm punches, sourdough starters and a whole host of delicious one-pot meals. Here are Jackie's tips for using and caring for your crock.

Courtesy of Chef Jackie Olden © 2012

Crock cooking takes place between 200 degrees and 210 degrees, or just below the boiling point. Since the liquids don't boil there is little steam and virtually no moisture loss or evaporation. Here are a few tricks to enjoy crock cooking.

1. Always brown meat before placing in the crock.

2. Cut vegetables on the bias, exposing more surface for cooking.

3. Always load the crock cooker by putting the vegetables in the bottom and the meat on the top.

4. Never lift the lid during the cooking process, it takes several hours for the crock to get to 200 degrees and when you lift the lid it makes the temperature go down again. Remember NO PEEKIE.

5. To thicken your stock just mix equal parts of flour and butter about the size of a walnut, and it will thicken more than a pint of juice by turning the crock to High temperature.

6. The crock cooker makes a terrific buffet server. Lovely for fondues, mulled wines etc.

7. The crock uses as much energy as a 75 or 100 watt light globe, which is just pennies, so you can make one pot meals very economically.

8. Last but not least it is very easy to clean. Do not scour the inside with an abrasive cleaner. Simply soak the removable ceramic pot and it will clean easily. Never submerse the electrical parts of your crock cooker, and always unplug it before cleaning.

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