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Elegant appetizers can be very simple to make. And one of the easiest to make starts with a good crostini. Crostini is merely a piece of toasted bread, usually slices of a good French baguette. You can make crostini several days in advance of the day you're going to serve them, keeping them nice and crisp in a ziplock bag. They keep well either in the fridge or out of it. Top with chopped tomatoes, basil and seasoning to make a bruschetta, use mascarpone cheese and top with other things (below), or make up your own toppings.


Courtesy of Chef Jeff Calley © 2012


1 French baguette
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Fresh ground white pepper

Set your oven temperature at 350 degrees. Slice the baguette on the bias in 1/2” slices and lay flat on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush each slice on the side facing up generously with olive oil. Grind Kosher salt and pepper across the slices. Place in the oven for about 15 minutes, until nicely toasted and crunchy. Rotate the pan half way through. Serve with a layer of Mascarpone cheese and your favorite topping.

Crostini Toppings:

Olive tapenade
Roasted red peppers
Smoked Salmon
Bacon wrapped, oven baked dates or figs
Fried calamari rings
Herbed fruit

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